Our Winemaker

Our Winemaker


Alyssa Bator is a born and bred Niagara-on-the-Lake farmer. She grew up right down

the street from the winery and knows the lay of the land quite well. Little did she know

growing up on her 80-acre tender fruit and grape farm would lead her down a path not far

from where the apple fell.

Starting June 2014, Alyssa Bator took over the reigns from long time friend and

colleague Angela Kasimos. “I could not have taken over as winemaker from anyone

better,” Alyssa states, “She has been the best person to work with and has taught me so


Along with growing up on the farm, Alyssa studied four years of physics at McMaster

University in Hamilton, receiving her BSc in 2012. “I know it’s not a typical route to

winemaking,” she says, “But I could not have gotten into Brock University’s Oenology

and Viticulture program without it.”

After finishing her BSc, Alyssa applied to the Grape and Wine Technology Certificate

program at Brock University which is only attained with a BSc in Science. She just

graduated before receiving the position at Riverview. However, Alyssa was not new to

the ropes at Riverview. She had previously worked in the tasting room at Riverview for

the past six years. She knows the wines and the people and couldn’t be any happier than

where she is.

When asked what she liked the most about her position she stated, “My place is in the

vineyard. It’s what I’ve grown up knowing and love working with. A winemaker may

be able to make good wine, but the soil, the climate and conditions of the vineyard will

actually be what dictates the kind of quality you will get. I always say good quality wines

come from highly cared for vines.”

Here’s to many fine seasons with the family at Riverview.