The Grape Grower’s of Ontario (GGO) and Ontario Craft Wineries (OCW) recognize and give credibility to Ontario’s wineries and vineyards that adopt sustainable practices by recognizing efforts to maximize resource efficiency and ensure our land and community is resilient today and into the future.
Sustainable Winemaking Ontario (SWO) Certified is our industry’s assurance that Ontario’s winemakers and grape growers are dedicated in ensuring that the wine they craft travels a sustainable path throughout the grape growing and winemaking process.
Goals of the program:
• To improve the environmental and social performance of Ontario’s wine and grape industry, and provide a pathway for continual improvement.
• To continually improve the quality of winemaking and grape growing in an environmentally responsible manner.
• To provide a way to address questions in relation to sustainability and the wine and grape industry.
• To provide an accountable certification program for wineries and grape growers alike to encourage and maintain sustainable practices.
• To add value to Ontario’s wine and grape industry.

We are proud to announce that as of 2022, Riverview Cellars is officially SWO Certified! Look for the green leaf on the label of our upcoming 2022 wines.

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